McCall, Idaho Architect Services


Design Approach

The design approach at Alpine Design Solutions is simple and direct. The owner and designer work closely to create the desired product that is respectful to the site, climate and culture of the area. Building design should respond to the context in which it is placed, and be designed in a way that it takes advantage of all that the site has to offer.

We believe that sun, wind, and water should be viewed as a catalyst for design, not something that limits the design process. Our design goal is to create a sense of place for the homeowner that engages the natural environment.  Though the use of different materials and site planning we strive to create a  harmonious relationship between the natural environment and the built environment.

Services we provide:

  • Site planning
  • Concept drawings
  • Building design development
  • Construction Documents
  • Permits/and related items
  • Construction Administration

Design Services

At Alpine Design Solutions we try to make the design process as smooth as possible. We believe that it should be an open collaboration between the owner, designer, and contractor to create the desired building for the client and ensure that the construction process goes as smooth as possible.